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American retail company Walmart is changing its legal name from Wal-Mart Stores to Walmart, in an attempt to reflect its increasing focus on its digital business. The rebranding exercise will become effective in February next year.The...
MarketLine, 11:38am ET

The earthquake measuring 6.2 magnitude on the Richter Scale, which shook Hojadk city in Iran's Kerman Province on Tuesday, has so far injured 18 people, official IRNA news agency reported. Following the tremor, people rushed out of...
Xinhua, 11:38am ET

One person died and at least 17 others were injured on Tuesday when a gas station exploded in Weiden a.d. March, some 60 km east of the Austrian capital city of Vienna, local media reported.
Xinhua, 11:38am ET

Renowned U.S. economist Joseph E. Stiglitz said here Tuesday that he believes the crypto currency Bitcoin "has no social value" and that he would be surprised if the rally would continue in 2018. He made the remarks at the one-day...
Xinhua, 11:38am ET

The World Bank (WB) on Tuesday announced it would suspend financing after 2019 the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas to encourage the global efforts to switch to clean economies and curb global warming. As part of the...
Xinhua, 11:38am ET

Spotlight: White House rejects calls for Congress to probe Trump's alleged sexual misconduct The White House on Monday rejected calls for a congressional investigation into multiple accusations that U.S. President Donald Trump had...
Xinhua, 11:38am ET

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said Tuesday that there might be an all-out war between Israel and Lebanon's Iran-backed Shiite militia Hezbollah in 2018. He made the remarks at the one-day annual Arab Strategy Forum...
Xinhua, 11:38am ET

A consultation started Tuesday on a proposal to change human organ transplant rules in England. It follows a report showing 6,500 people are currently waiting for transplant operations, with three people dying every day while waiting...
Xinhua, 11:38am ET

The Slovenian Reporter magazine on Tuesday announced that the District Court in Ljubljana had issued a gag order prohibiting the publication of an already-printed magazine's special issue, which explored the family background of the...
Xinhua, 11:38am ET

The Russian Olympic Assembly, the supreme governing body of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), has supported the decision of supporting Russian athletes to participate in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, the ROC said Tuesday. "The...
Xinhua, 11:38am ET

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